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Who are we?

We are an independent video game development team. Founded in 2021 Oasis Network LLC, later picking up the name Oasis Games, has made great strides towards developing fun, engaging, and smooth running games. Our team works towards creating an immersive gaming experience without compromising on quality. Check out some of our latest creations!


iOS / Android – Single player
Beta Testing Now!

Reports of an active life system have been coming into Earth’s frequency range. With our planet on the brink of war, you are sent on a one-man mission to scout and build a colony in this new system. However, eery calls have reached our transmitters. Rumors of a galactic conquerer building an army have spread. Tread carefully space man…


PS5 / XBOX / PC – Single Player

It is a tale that many could have predicted. The robot uprising! They call you “ND13”. A disguise name that you use to blend in with the bots. It is a simple life living amongst them but it is easy to blend in with your self-made cybernetic goggles. But trouble is coming and the whispers of resistance are growing. ND13 is no hero. But given the right circumstances, anyone can become great…



All of TikTok and the internets stupidest trends condensed down to one horrible game! Weekly updates and all new levels to explore, brain rot will be sure to make you wish you had never installed it!

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